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Tips for a Cozy Fall House

Bill Reilly Team October 18, 2016

Tips for a Cozy Fall HouseCan you feel the chill in the air? Well, maybe not quite yet, but it’s coming. Fall is here, according to the calendar, and it’s time to cozy up your home for those crisp autumn days and nights that are just around the corner. Here are some of our favorite tips for making your home cozy this season.

Get the fireplace ready

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home, now is the time to prep it for the cold weather. Nothing is more inviting or cozy than snuggling up to a warm fire. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, have it professionally cleaned and inspected before you fire it up for the season. For gas fireplaces, it’s also a good idea to have it checked for leaks.

Hang heavier curtains

It’s so nice to have light, breezy curtains up during the summer months, but as colder weather approaches it’s a good idea to switch them out for something a little more substantial. Consider thicker fabrics that add more insulation, and go bold with a rich, warm color or pattern.

Change the bedding

As with the curtains, it’s now time to switch out your light cotton sheets and lightweight comforter for fabrics that will provide more warmth. Choose flannel sheets for maximum coziness and add an additional blanket for another layer of insulation. A luxurious throw blanket at the foot of the bed will make those weekend naps even more decadent and cozy.

Add blankets and throws

Evenings on the couch while watching your favorite show on TV are even better when nestled under a cozy blanket. Drape your favorite blankets and throws on couches and chairs within easy reach, or consider putting them on display by hanging them on a rustic ladder leaned against the wall.

Fill the air with seasonal scents

It’s finally time to bust out the pumpkin spice candles! Nothing says “festive fall” more than a warmly scented candle or two placed around your home. Take it a step further and bake a fresh loaf of pumpkin spice bread to fill your house with the heavenly aromas of the season. You can even make your own simmering potpourri to place on the stove on a chilly afternoon.

Add romantic lighting

Along with candles and the rosy glow from the fireplace, you can create a cozy ambiance with string lights hung around your home. So many different types of lights are now available that will blend with nearly any décor, and there are nearly endless ways to use them in your space. Add them to a corner plant like a fiddle leaf fig tree, or string them over your bed for a romantic effect.

Make the patio cold-weather ready

There’s no reason you can’t extend the time you use your patio into the cooler months. Add lightweight throws over the backs of chairs when you want to dine al fresco on a cool evening, and consider adding a patio heater to your outdoor space.

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